Now out in paperback and kindle editions...

At once an epic tale of adventure and a hilarious parody of human society, The Marmalade Shore delivers dark suspense with a light, comedic touch.

"...a ground breaking book of true originality. Tammar’s sense of the ridiculous and the profoundly poignant put this novel in a class of its own... The author has a gift for creating atmosphere, vivid characterisation and evocatively drawn landscapes, woven together with a wicked sense of humour and outrageously inventive writing... I shouldn’t be surprised if it achieves cult status."

~ Jan Grunewald (Middlesex, UK)

"Tammar has crafted a literary work of some style and imagination. The Marmalade Shore is a fast paced fantasy set in a parallel world of feline superiority replete with fizzy milk and mouse a la mode. Rolling from country to city and convertible to dirigible we are pulled along with Orange and Bryan on a fateful quest to save the world. With nuanced characters, a meticulously realised alternative universe, and subtle humour this book deserves to be a cult classic. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride."

~ D. Finn (Portland, OR)

"It captivated me from beginning to end."

~ Rachael M Ryland (Orlando, FL)

"Beautifully written, perfectly illustrated, timeless charm, this lovely adventure story is destined to become a classic. Long after the current crop of readers are gone, people will be devouring The Marmalade Shore."

~ Wallis Fairfax